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"EU senior citizens as active users of gerontechnology innovations" initiated by the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme is a continuation to the project "Care for the elderly in the European Union" where two seminars were organised in May 2008 in Pecs, Hungary and in September 2008 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The main objective of the earlier project has been to create a forum for the experts of various member states of the EU who deal with elderly care to exchange experiences about EU social policies as local experiences, to present their activities as well as to reveal the possibilities of a future co-operation. Participating experts found it very important to continue the well started co-operation and will deepen the expertise especially about gerontechnological innovations for active senior citizens in preventive care of dementia.

In the new project the earlier partner structure is used with the possibly widest range of regional members of the European Union in the planned activity of representatives of member states that founded the EU, member states that joined the EU in 2004 as well as member states that joined the EU in 2007.

As the earlier project did represent a more general approach to the Elderly Care in the European Union for establishing a strong partnership, in the new project experts of the elderly care from various European regions will deepen and share their knowledge especially about the use of gerontechnological solutions especially in the preventive care of dementia. Dementia is a wide European challenge when European population is ageing. One aspect of the problem is the adequate quality of the care for the elderly who are more and more represented in our societies. The improvement of the level of elder care can contribute to the increase of their equal opportunities in the society because it offers them the possibility of an active and liveable life. Experiences made in Nordic countries and Germany may serve as a model and guidance for the quality improvement of the elderly care in the regions of new member states of the EU and also strengthen the European network of expertise.

Seminar programme
, Päijät-Häme, Finland, 26-28 May 2009

Seminar programme, Rems-Murr-Kreis, Germany, 28-30 September 2009

Seminar photos, Päijät-Häme

Seminar photos, Rems-Murr-Kreis

Final report of the project

Publication on the elderly care services in the partner regions


Tuesday 26 May 2009

Presentation of the elderly care system in Finland and related EU policies in the Finnish practice
Ms Marjaana Seppänen, Palmenia Centre, University of Helsinki

Reorganisation of Elderly care through Regional Reform in Päijät-Häme
Gerontechnology as a tool responding to the challenges

Mr Lauri Kuukasjärvi, project manager, Regional Council of Päijät-Häme

Possibilities and needs of gerontechnology solutions in the elderly care from the service user´s and of the service producer´s aspect
Creative and innovative ICT-solutions in the elderly care

Mr Jyrki Rautkivi, Lahti Science and Business Park Ltd.

How is effective and modern elderly care nursing home build and operated?
Mr Jukka Louhija, MedOne Ltd.

Improved quality, safety and efficiency of the home care services
Ms Marja-Liisa Nordlund,
Vice President, Head of Services, Tieto Ltd./ Healthcare & Welfare

Presentation of the Settlement work in the elderly care of the third sector in the City of Heinola
Quality principles in the care of dementia

Ms Kirsti Rantala, Director on Social Work, Jyränkölä Settlement
Mr Jukka Järvisalo, Director, Jyränkölä Settlement

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Gerontechnology solutions in practice in the public elderly care in the City of Lahti
Ms Sari Järvinen, Chief nurse

Rehabilitation in the care of dementia
Presentation of the "Huili" Elderly Care Home in the Municipality of Hollola

Mr Jouni Helén, Director
Ms Virpi Kyyhkynen, Nurse

Thursday 28 May 2009

Preventive care and gerontechnology in social and health care education
Ms Liisa Suhonen, Senior Lecturer, Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Problem-based learning as a tool for developing elderly people's care
Ms Hannele Tiittanen, Principal Lecturer, Lahti University of Applied Sciences

R&D activities in the elderly care: presentation of local projects
(GOAL - Good Ageing in Lahti Region, Hyve and Disko),
Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education, University of Helsinki, Lahti Unit

Importance of social innovations in the elderly care
Mr Antti Karisto, Professor on social gerontology

GOAL 2002-2012
Ms Raisa Valve, Head of development

Ms Kirsi Kuusinen-James, Planning officer
Mr Ilkka Haapola, Senior researcher



Monday 28 September 2009

Welcome to Rems-Murr-County
Mr Johannes Fuchs, District administrator

Elderly care system in Germany
Mr Peter Schmeiduch, Ministry of Social Affairs, Baden-Württemberg

Special aspects of elderly care and focuses in Rems-Murr
Monika Amann, Werner Geiser

Sanatorium Waldfrieden - Presentation of the house -
special solutions for people with demential / psychiatric problems
Ms Hanna Hanzel, Director

Elderly day care - Visit of the day care in Erich-Schumm-Stift
Ms Litsche, Chief nurse

An ambulant service system for elderly care in a rural region - examples, conception
Mr Thomas Nehr, Manager of "diakonie ambulant"

Visit of logopadical rehabilitation
Mr Thomas Nehr, Manager of "diakonie ambulant"


Tuesday 29 September 2009

Alexander-Stift - Presentation of the special concept community nursing homes
Mr Günter Vossler, Director, Mr Achim Schullerus

Pflegeheim Staigacker- nursing institution with special offers for people with dementia and ms
Mr Eckhard Jost, Manager, Director and members of the staff

Visit of a special designed garden for people with dementia
Mr Böhringer, Nursing director

Maria-Merian-Scholl, Trends Fakts and News in training and educating nursing for elderly people.
Ms Maria Fritz, School Director

Handicapped people with dementia
Dr. Baden, Diakonie Stetten, Medecin


Wednesday 30 September 2009

The hospiz movement in Rems-Murr-County
Ms Susanne Stolp-Schmitt, responsible referent of hospiz foundation

The advisors for living of senior people in their own homes
Mr Werner Geiser, Rems-Murr-County

Kreisseniorenrat - Senior citizens board of Rems-Murr-County
Chairman or 2. chairman, Mr Heinz Weber or Mr Falk-Dieter Widmaier