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Building bridges between senior citizens and students in the elderly care in the EU

Based on the very good experiences and results received in the "Volunteering possibilities to support senior and socially excluded citizens in the EU" project which was financed by the Europe for Citizens programme - initiated and organised by the Olomouc Region (Czech Republic), Zadar County (Croatia) and Kaunas Region (Lithuania), elderly care network cooperation is continued with the new project "Building bridges between senior citizens and students in the elderly care in the EU". The new project will consist of three conferences organised on 12-15 May 2014 in Päijät-Häme (Finland); 15-18 September 2014 in Talsi Municipality (Latvia) and on 11-14 May 2015 in Silesian Voivodship (Poland) and financed again by the Europe for Citizens programme.

This European wide partner network of elderly care professionals collect together regional partners from 10 countries: Regional Council of Päijät-Häme (Finland) - lead partner, Talsi Municipality (Latvia), Silesian Voivodship Regional Center of Social Policy (Poland), Kaunas City Municipality (Lithuania), Region Rems-Murr-Kreis (Germany), Olomouc Region (Czech Republic), General Direction of Social Assistance and Child´s Protection Cluj (Romania), Local Government of Baranya County (Hungary), Zadar County (Croatia) and Provincial Secretariat for Health, Social Policy and Demography, Vojvodina (Serbia).

The partner network promotes values, rights and opportunities for EU senior citizens. Project partners improve cooperation between education/research and working life. All conferences contribute to social cohesion and attract young people and students to work in elderly care sector as EU suffers under severe youth unemployment. Senior citizens´ participation in the democratic life of the EU is increased in interactive panel discussions with EP election candidates and local/regional decision makers, in conference activities and during Europe Days. Working practices and civic participation must be starting points when building new Europe of elderly care with providers of education without further institutionalization. Network contributes to development of future elderly care education and collects best practices from participating regions into publication for implementing. For future cooperation a project team will be set up to search new financing opportunities for this network. Partners will sign joint twinning agreement in social affairs by the end of this project.


Rehabilitation and maintaining the everyday physical activity of the elderly people - conference in Päijät-Häme, Finland, 12-15 May 2014



Presentations on the 13 May 2014

National and cross-national aspects for quality of elderly care, Ms Harriet Finne-Soveri, Research professor, Head of the unit Ageing and Services, National Institute for Health and Welfare

Health promotion and current affairs in the elderly care and social affairs in Päijät-Häme, Mr Martti Talja, Professor, Director of the Central Hospital, Päijät-Häme Social and Health Care Group

Primary outcomes from the GOAL (Good Ageing in Lahti Region): 10-year cohort study 2002-2012 and the promotion of functional capability in elderly; Ms Raisa Valve and Mr Pasi Töyli, Palmenia, Palmenia Lahti Unit, University of Helsinki

Commercialization of the health enhancing physical activities, Mr Isto Vanhamäki, Business Development, LADEC

Elderly care education in the Lahti Deacon Institute, the elderly care education and working life, Tiina Mäkelä, Director of the Lahti Deacon Institute