Regional Council :: Regional Plan


The Regional Plan is based on the Law of Regional Planning. The Regional Plan consists of the general plan of using land for different purposes. It is the most important plan of the regional land use and it also has direct legal effects. The Regional Plan guides the land-use planning of the municipalities as well as the land use in general. In the Regional Plan there are reserved areas for example for recreation and nature protection as well as for living and industry. Traffic, municipal engineering, agriculture and the use of the shoreline areas are among others important planning objects.

The Regional Plan is coordinative planning between central and local administration levels. It adjusts together the needs of business life and the environmental protection. The Regional Plan is approved by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

The latest Regional Plan of Päijät-Häme was approved by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment on the 11th of March 2008.

Regional Plan of Päijät-Häme 2008 (PDF-format)